A few months ago I shared some photos and comments about the cliffside gardens at Southend, and asked if anyone knew any more about them.  Earlier this week I was sent a links to some old movie footage [thanks Donna] which should bring back memories of seaside holidays for many of us. Having watched it I just had to search for some more.

The first is a 1953 promotional film “The Best Place Under The Sun” which includes some shots of the gardens…

the second is  a potted history of Southend pier  but it also includes some images of the gardens in Victorian prints.

and next there are a few scenes from the 1970s, including some shots of Peter Pan’s Playground

and finally enjoy  the 1938 London pensioners outing to Southend…and the dancing in the seafront gardens!   Just the sort of thing I can see my grandparents and great aunts and uncles having done – although I can’t quite picture my gran in one of those wonderful hats – or showing her knees!  What a pity there was no sound recording.

More comments and links on Southend or any other posts would be very welcome.

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