Birthday Quiz Time….

Birthday cake for a gardener

Birthday cake for a gardener

Happy birthday dear blog!

Its hard to believe but its virtually a year ago that I sat down and wracked my brains for something to say for the first post on the blog… now I have about 20 ideas underway  at any one time and could probably post almost every day if I had the time to type them up and anyone had time to read them. Don’t worry tho – roughly once a week is quite enough for me too!

The blog got off to a pretty slow start – 2 viewers the first day – probably just me logging in on two different machines BUT now its built up to well over 100 separate viewers for each post, around 1,000 views in total every month and over the course of the year, from a very slow start we’ve have had  nearly 7,000 views in total.

So thank you for reading & please carry on doing so….and if you belong to a garden related group then why not pass on the word via newsletters or announcements & encourage your friends to sign up too.

Anyway, by way of light relief I thought I’d offer a quiz this week to see how much of what I write has sunk in!  I’ve tried not to make it too hard so good luck!   All the answers can be found in earlier posts… but if you get stuck the answers are at the end. 

There are 4 sections. The first 3 have  10 picture clues each, and the final one 20 questions….

Heraldic beasts on the roof of Knebworth

Where is this….1

The south front of Dyffryn House, near Cardiff  ©David Marsh, 2014

where is this…2


where is this…3




Queens Cottage Kew

Where is this …4


Fred Streeter in the demonstration garden at Alexandra Palace. BBC

where is this …5


where is this…6



where is this… 7


where is this… 8


where is this ..9


where is this …10



























And now Section 2


"Se-Quo-Yah." Lithograph, 1836. Indian Tribes of North America

Who is this…1

Cover photo of Frank Hennig's Cheerio Frank, Cheerio Everybody

Who is this…2

John Soane, by Thomas Cooley, 1810 National Portrait Gallery

who is this…3

Rosemary Verey at Barnsley House, photograph by Andrew Lawson.

who is this…4

Princess Elizabeth by Robert Peake, 1603 National Maritime Museum

who is this …6


who is this …5


Portrait Humphry Repton c1790 Miniature on Ivory by John Downman (1750-1824) Bridgeman Library

who is this …7

St Fiacre of Meaux Patron Saint of Gardeners Hours of Simon de Varie, c.1455 British Library

who is this …8

Portrait of Davies for the June 1920 cover of Theatre Magazine

who is this…9

Thomas Mawson, from Janet Waymark, Thomas Mawson: Life, Gardens and Landscapes (2009)

who is this….10









































And Section 3…WHAT IS THIS?



What is this…2


Detail from Azor's monument, St Mary's churchyard, Orchardleigh image courtesy William Bishop

What is this…1

One of the Tudor 'kyng's beestes' that was found on a French camping site. Photo: Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, from Daily Telegraph, Sept 11 2009

what is this…3

The Chinese temple, 1761 © David Marsh 2014

What is this … 4

Am I not a man and a brother: Slave Medallion, produced by Josiah Wedgwood to promote the abolition of slavery © Wedgwood Museum

what is this…6

Female Cedar of Lebanon cone showing flecks of resin. Photo: Roger Griffith

What is this …5


What is this… 8


Elephant from Matthew Paris, Chronica maiora, Part II, Parker Library, MS 16, fol. 151v

what is this…7

The tomb of Loudon's father in Pinner Churchyard . Image from

what is this …9


what is this ..10






































1.Left their money to the Cambridge Botanic Garden?

  1. Named the Wellingtonia?
  1. Designed a hedgehog-shaped flowerpot?
  1. Had a wolf-trap on his list of garden tools?
  1. Succeeded Mr Middleton?
  1. Built Roman ruins in his garden?
  1. Owned an elephant called Sadi?
  1. Fell in love with gardening when they fell headfirst into “a tub of liquid    manure”

9.  Bred King Alfred

  1. Wanted to “improve” the village green at Hare Street
  1. Invented the curvilinear glazing bar?
  1. Painted Blazing Borders?
  1. Buried their dog at Newstead Abbey?
  1. Collected cedar trees?
  1. Bought George Bernard Shaw’s garden spade?
  1. Thought that potatoes and beans were ‘munitions of war’
  1. Said their favourite flower was the cauliflower?
  1. Wrote The Retir’d Gardener?
  1. Came home quickly from Calaveras Grove?
  1. Sent Green frogs to Russia?





Where is it?

1. Knebworth 2. Dyffryn  3. Ashridge  4. Queens Cottage, Kew   5. BBC TV Garden at Alexandra Palace  6. Panorama Tower, Croome Park  7. St Donat’s Castle  8. Hall Place 9.Archer Pavilion at Wrest Park   10.  Pitzhanger

Who is it?

1. Sequoyah  2. Fred Streeter   3. Sir John Soane   4.  Rosemary Verey   5. Venus                  6. Princess Elizabeth, the Winter Queen  7. Repton  8.  St Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners  9. Marion Davis   10.  Thomas Mawson

What is this?

1. Azor the dog’s tomb  2. Contemporary Royal beast by  Tom Hiscock  3. Henry VIII’s leopard of England  4. Chinese Temple at Wrest Park   5.  Cedar of Lebanon cone  6. Wedgewood plaque for the abolitionist movement  7. Matthew Paris’s drawing of an elephant  8. The tomb of Mrs Soane’s dog Fanny’s   9. The tomb of Loudon’s parents        10. The lost gates of Copped Hall.

Who did this?

1.  Reginald Cory   2.  John Lindley   3.  Josiah Wedgwood  4.  Alexander Neckam, Abbot of Cirencester  5. Fred Streeter   6. Sir John Soane   7. The Duke of Devonshire   8. Frances Perry  9. John Kendall, a retired solicitor   10. Humphry Repton   11. John Claudius Loudon  12. Beatrice Parsons   13.  Lord Byron   14.  Tiglath-Pileser I and/or William Robinson   15. Ray Bradbury   16. Mr Middleton   17. Bill Sowerbutts   18. Henry Wise      19. William Lobb   20. Josiah Wedgwood






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