The Last Post: Rebranding the Blog

No you haven’t misread the calendar. It isn’t Saturday. And no your eyes haven’t deceived you – it is a post from P&G – although, in fact, it’s  the last one.   But before you start wailing and gnashing your teeth about what you are going to read over breakfast on Saturday mornings,  and all the fascinating bits of garden history you’re going to be missing in future don’t despair. The blog is going to continue but under a new name and address.   Let me explain why…

I’ve been writing this blog since it started in 2013 as part of my role as a trustee of Parks and Gardens UK.  As you may know the Parks and Gardens database has been transferred to the Hestercombe Gardens Trust who are undertaking a major overhaul of the site and planning to relaunch it later this year.  My official connections with P&G is about to come to an end with the winding up of the charitable company that used to run it.

However I am also a Trustee of the Gardens Trust, where I am co-chair of the Education and Events Committee, and so I’m moving the blog’s home  from P&G to the Gardens Trust.  This means that it will be hosted on, and linked to,  the Gardens Trust website.

The banner will obviously change from the current P&G one to this shiny new green one and posts should still arrive in your inbox  but from this address:

Searches and links to the old site and its URL should be automatically redirected. The only thing you might need to do is to make sure that the new address is included in your contacts so that future emails don’e end up in your junk mail folder.

The changeover will start as soon as I’ve sent this final P&G post  and so its possible there might be a slight interruption of service today or even tomorrow  but I’m hoping that everything will be sorted very quickly.  Do get in touch  via  if you have any concerns or questions.

Normal posting – from the new address – will resume on Saturday!


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