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Percy Cane

Last week’s introductory post about Percy Cane –  An Unsung Hero?  – looked at his work pre-war, while today’s is going to discuss some of his later commissions. Like much of the architecture and most of the  designed landscapes and … Continue reading

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An unsung hero?

Welcome to our 300th post! Hands up if you recognize the man in the photo. As  a clue he  wrote: “Designing gardens is an art… As in all the arts there are periods of growth and changing fashion, but the … Continue reading

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Sneferu… and his garden

No… it’s not an old English dialect swear word, or a disease of sheep or anything remotely similar, instead Sneferu was an early Egyptian pharaoh who ruled around 4500 years ago. Like Ozymandias he would have been long forgotten but … Continue reading

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Winifred Walker: “The most famous of all flower painters”

If I ask you to name the most famous of all flowers painters I very much doubt you’d reply Winifred Walker,  yet that’s how she was described by a national newspaper a century ago in 1919. The description might be a … Continue reading

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