Happy Christmas!

This is the first time in the 8 years  I’ve been writing the blog that Christmas has fallen on a Saturday, but I didn’t want to break my unbroken record of  posting every week!

So I thought I’d just say…

A very Happy Christmas to you all… and if you really do want something garden history related to fill the odd moment between crackers, carols and carousing then read on ….



Over the years I’ve written a series of Christmas related posts so unless you’ve been reading the blog regularly since 2013 or 2014 you should find something new to amuse you until the next  post which will be next Saturday in time for breakfast as usual.

2020: “Oh, a dainty plant is the ivy green…”

2019: Christmas with the Vicar and some Naked Ladies

2018: The Glastonbury Thorn

2017: Christmas in the Park

2016: Shirley’s Hints on Christmas Decorations…

2015: The Golden Bough

2014: A touch of festive red…  

See you in 2022!

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1 Response to Happy Christmas!

  1. sallysmom says:

    Merry Christmas to you & those you love the most.

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