Gardens and Art/Literature

Ivor Abrahams, March 2015

Mr & Mrs Andrew’s, Jan 2020

Sir Nathaniel Bacon’s kitchen garden paintings, Sept 2016

Adrian Berg, April 2017

James Bateman and his Orchid book  Feb 2019 

Basilius Besler, Nov 2018

Thomas Bewick’s Gardens and Gardeners, Feb 2017

Hieronymous Bosch -Saints, Sinners, Sex and Strawberries, May 2017

Edward Adveno Brooke and The Gardens of England, April 2018

Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, May 2019

John Byng, Lord Torrington and his travels,  Nov 2018,   Feb 2019

William Caparne: Painter and Plantsman, Feb 2018

Chaucer & Roman de la Rose [see Romance]:     Feb 2015

Chelsea Pottery, May 2018

Marion Cran, Feb 2017

Walter Crane & his Floral Fantasy, Jan 2017

The Darlys: Chinoiserie and Big Hair, Jan 2018

Mary Delaney, July 2018

Anthony Devis, Georgian topographical artist,  Oct 2017

A Conversation with Arthur Devis, March 2017

Dickens and Gardens, Jan 2020

Mrs CW Earle [Aunt T and her Pot Pourri] August 2015

George Elgood, [Enchantment of the Highest Order], April 2015

Henry Essenhigh Corke, May 2016

Charles Essenhigh Corke, April 2016

Mary Delaney, part 1: paper collages June 2018;  Part 2: embroidery,  July 2018

St Fiacre, Sept 2018

Robert Furber, Jan 2016

Gainsborough’s painting of Mr & Mrs Andrews, Jan 2020

Gardeners in London Street Cries, Dec 2018

Rene Gardiner, [printmaker], June 2018

Arthur Hellyer, June 2018

Thomas Hill & Early gardening books:     Jan 2015

Damien Hirst & Houghton, June 2018

Wenceslaus Hollar,  June 2019

Hortus Eystettensis,  Nov 2018

Jardin du Roi, Paris, March 2020

Kip & Knyff,   Part 1:  Knyff, April 2o17, Part 2: Kip  April 2017

Mary Lawrance, the first book on roses  April 2019

& paintings of passion flowers April 2019

Matisse – The View from Room 35 March 2019

Avoiding Sex with Mrs Moriarty [Victorian floral painter], Jan 2017

Beverley Nichols [Down the Garden Path], April 2015

Nun Appleton, May 2017

An Orchard in a Box,  Aug 2018

Beatrice Parsons:    Nov 2014

Recording Britain, July 2017

Thomas Robins: Recording the Rococo, May 2018

Ernest Arthur Rowe, Painting the Old English Garden, Dec 2018

The Hanging Gardens of Stoke Edith, Feb 2017

Willaim Style & his Garden  Feb 2019

Tennyson – Come into the Garden Maud, Feb 2017

Robert Thornton & the Temple of Flora, February 2016

Raphael Tuck and garden poistcards  Jan 2019

Vertumnus & Pomona, Sept 2017

Wallpaper:  Gardens on the Wall:  Part 1: John Baptist Jackson Nov 2016, Part 2: The French Connection, Feb 2018,

Wedgwood Pottery & Gardens:    Sept 2014

Augusta Withers, (The faithful pencil of Mrs Withers), Nov 2015

Yokohama Nursery Company, Jan 2016