Gardens and Art/Literature

Ivor Abrahams, March 2015

Sir Nathaniel Bacon’s kitchen garden paintings, Sept 2016

Adrian Berg, April 2017

Thomas Bewick’s Gardens and Gardeners, Feb 2017

Hieronymous Bosch -Saints, Sinners, Sex and Strawberries, May 2017

Edward Adveno Brooke and The Gardens of England, April 2018

William Caparne: Painter and Plantsman, Feb 2018

Chaucer & Roman de la Rose [see Romance]:     Feb 2015

Chelsea Pottery, May 2018

Marion Cran, Feb 2017

Walter Crane & his Floral Fantasy, Jan 2017

The Darlys: Chinoiserie and Big Hair, Jan 2018

Mary Delaney, July 2018

Anthony Devis, Georgian topographical artist,  Oct 2017

A Conversation with Arthur Devis, March 2017

Mrs CW Earle [Aunt T and her Pot Pourri] August 2015

George Elgood, [Enchantment of the Highest Order], April 2015

Henry Essenhigh Corke, May 2016

Charles Essenhigh Corke, April 2016

Mary Delaney, part 1: paper collages June 2018;  Part 2: embroidery,  July 2018

St Fiacre, Sept 2018

Robert Furber, Jan 2016

Rene Gardiner, [printmaker], June 2018

Arthur Hellyer, June 2018

Thomas Hill & Early gardening books:     Jan 2015

Damien Hirst & Houghton, June 2018

Kip & Knyff,   Part 1:  Knyff, April 2o17, Part 2: Kip  April 2017

Avoiding Sex with Mrs Moriarty [Victorian floral painter], Jan 2017

Beverley Nichols [Down the Garden Path], April 2015

Nun Appleton, May 2017

An Orchard in a Box,  Aug 2018

Beatrice Parsons:    Nov 2014

Recording Britain, July 2017

Thomas Robins: Recording the Rococo, May 2018

The Hanging Gardens of Stoke Edith, Feb 2017

Tennyson – Come into the Garden Maud, Feb 2017

Robert Thornton & the Temple of Flora, February 2016

Vertumnus & Pomona, Sept 2017

Wallpaper:  Gardens on the Wall:  Part 1: John Baptist Jackson Nov 2016, Part 2: The French Connection, Feb 2018,

Wedgwood Pottery & Gardens:    Sept 2014

Augusta Withers, (The faithful pencil of Mrs Withers), Nov 2015

Yokohama Nursery Company, Jan 2016