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A Walk Around the World

Last week’s post on the Geological Gallery at Biddulph was, I hope, something of an insight in to the mindset of James Bateman its creator in the mid-19thc.  Today’s is designed to look at the gardens he created there, partly … Continue reading

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Orchids, Ferns, Fossils and the Great Flood

We often hear that grand gardens cost money: it’s as true as the old cliché which says “money talks.” But there is a world of difference between a grand garden and a great one.  Great gardens develop when that money meets … Continue reading

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Ready to go Miss?

Today’s post is about the result of a conversation in the very late 19thc between Miss J.S. Turner “a fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society and a well-known trainer and lecturer in horticulture” and Mrs Evelyn Cecil, who is probably … Continue reading

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The View from Room 35….

Last week’s post about finding a display of Barbie dolls in  an historic Spanish garden was a good indication of how varied garden history can be, and today’s is another. In fact today’s is hardly about gardens at all in … Continue reading

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Barbie at the Botanics…

After last week’s rather serious post about emblematic gardens perhaps its time for something lighter so here’s the story of the surprise  I had last Thursday afternoon. I’m still not quite sure if it was one that caused more amusement … Continue reading

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