Welcome to our blog

It has been running since 2013 and is written  by Dr David Marsh, who is one of our trustees. It is planned to come out before breakfast time on Saturday mornings, and to inspire, amuse or cajole you into finding out more about the fascinating world of garden history in its broadest sense.

You’ll find a full list of the previous posts – currently just over 400 of them so far – which cover a wide range of topics from mechanical elephants to roof gardens, and  from slum clearance to the worlds oldest pot plant, via many individual historic sites,  significant garden designers, artists  and owners – on the Topics page…or just do a word search and see what crops up! Incidentally they’re not usually intended to be ephemeral or topical pieces but good starting points or useful for  reference  for further reading or research.

Comments on previous posts and subjects always welcome as are ideas and suggestions for future ones…although remember it is only one busy person [despite the contrary appearance given by the photo!] researching and writing!

The Gardens Trust is the only national charity dedicated to the research and conservation of historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes in England and Wales and to campaigning on their behalf.  It is largely run by volunteers with a small number of part-time staff.  It supports local County Garden Trusts in their work, encourages education in garden history, publishes the peer-reviewed journal Garden History, a regular newsletter and a wide range of leaflets and specialist publications as well as organizing a busy programme of events for members and the general public. Why not take a look around our website and see what else the Gardens Trust has to offer!    http://thegardenstrust.org

You may have been redirected to the blog from its former  address: parksandgardensuk.wordpress  because until recently it was written for, and hosted by, Parks & Gardens UK, where David used to be a trustee.   Management of the database and website has now been  transferred to Hestercombe Gardens Trust who are currently reorganizing the site and hoping to relaunch it later this year  as the leading on-line source for information about Britain’s historic parks and gardens. http://www.parksandgardens.org